Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Time for a Change!

Well, its been a while! About 2 months since I last posted. But here I am. I have been feeling very sluggish lately. I have noticed my kids having some acne on their faces. I have noticed my son going crazy after sugar. I have noticed my children asking for sweets all the time and me craving them myself.

So I started analyzing my diet. And their diets and realizing that we are full of processed foods, sugar and salt laden with very little nutritional value. That we lack the fresh fruits and veggies we shoudl be eating. Also that we are eating way too much hydrogenated oils, potatoes, white flour, and all around filler crap that isnt doing us any good.

A year ago I came to the same conclusion that we had too much of this stuff in our diets, but I wasnt able to keep up with it, since we moved twice and have had a lot of upheaval in our lives. But i feel once again that we need to get back to basics and a simpler more wholesome way of eating.

So I found this book that I think is absolutely fantastic!

It has everything in it that I have been looking for. I have found breakfast, snacks and lunch are our big problems. Dinner is pretty easy for me. So what I did is I told the girls to look through the book and see what they wanted to make for one breakfast, one lunch and one snack for the week and they could each take turns making thier special items this week. They loved the idea!

I also found this book:

Which I am going to use for cirriculum for the girls for this next year to teach them about nutrition. There is a workbook that goes along with it.

I have decided that the only way I am going to be able to change the way that I eat and eat less and better, is if i get everyone involoved. It is just too hard to make a meal for me and a meal for them. So it is time for a change! For all of us!

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